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Petition to Fund Crucial Programs to End Human Trafficking

As all of you already know I am living in Bulgaria to research the issue of human trafficking for sexual exploitation here; primarily how the Bulgarian Government and NGOs work together to enforce and implement anti-trafficking policies. While Bulgaria is primarily a country of origin and transit for victims of trafficking, the United States is a country of destination where hundreds of thousands of girls are forced into prostitution against their will everyday.

In 2008, the U.S. Congress authorized millions of dollars to do towards services for human trafficking victims and to get traffickers off the streets. However, as’s human trafficking blogger, Amanda Kloer explains, “none of this money can be used to help end human trafficking until Congress passes legislation to appropriate the needed funds. The money Congress has authorized for human trafficking is part of a huge spending bill, which includes funding requests for many different programs and projects. With a limited budget and so many competing projects seeking funding, it is critical that you tell federal legislators about the urgent need for funds for human trafficking survivors.”

Victims from Bulgaria and all over the world need help in the U.S. and trafficking rings need to be caught and punished for their crimes against humanity. So please sign the petition below to fund these important services.

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