Back in the Suburbs . . .

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I know its been quite awhile since my last post in April. The past 4 mos have been a whirlwind of finalizing things, exploring, heartfelt goodbyes and long awaited hellos. In May & June finished  my Fulbright research and presented it to the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria as well as the Bulgarian National Commission for […]

Petition to Fund Crucial Programs to End Human Trafficking

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As all of you already know I am living in Bulgaria to research the issue of human trafficking for sexual exploitation here; primarily how the Bulgarian Government and NGOs work together to enforce and implement anti-trafficking policies. While Bulgaria is primarily a country of origin and transit for victims of trafficking, the United States is […]

Women & Children Are Not Property!

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Today, Sunday, October 18th is International Combating Human Trafficking Day. Until the last 10 years of so very few people in the Western World realized the extent and widespread impact of trafficking on women & children throughout Eastern Europe and Asia who are tricked, coerced, kidnapped and sold everyday into forced prostitution. I haven’t spoken […]