Say Goodbye to the 10DLC Trust Score

When 10DLC (10-digit-longcodes) for text messaging was launched by AT&T and TMobile a ranking mechanism called “Trust Score” was introduced, along with the “Campaign Registry” which became the oversight authority brands and campaigns needed to register with. When an organization registered with the Campaign Registry they would be assigned a trust score which would dictate […]

Do Big Talks

Video: Do Big Talks on Text Messaging

Sandi Fox of Smart as a Fox recently joined Henri Makembe of Do Big Things for their video series Do Big Talks, to discuss text messaging and organizing. In the episode, we cover P2P, 10DLC, A2P, the FCC, and more.  Don’t worry, we explain these acronyms during our conversation. Text messaging, or mobile (SMS), is […]

2021 Nonprofit Mobile Benchmarks Report

This Spring, M+R released its 2021 Nonprofit Benchmarks. This is the fourth year that they have included substantial benchmarks on mobile messaging and texting (SMS/MMS). While they still don’t offer direct comparisons between broadcast (warm) and peer-to-peer (cold) texting, they do include a section with a few peer-to-peer benchmarks. Overall it is incredibly helpful data […]

Mobile (SMS): Peer-to-Peer vs. Broadcast

More and more nonprofit organizations and campaigns are realizing they need to include mobile (SMS) text messaging in their digital and campaign strategies. There are two types of mass texting that can be utilized by your organization. Broadcast SMS has been around for 10+ years but didn’t begin to be utilized by major organizations and […]