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FAQ: How will carrier changes and 10DLC impact my texting program?

As many of you have already heard there are some major changes happening in the texting industry, with carriers implementing and enforcing new rules and requirements for organizational texting from a local phone #, also known as long code or 10DLC (10-digit Longcode). 

This article is a follow-up to 10DLC Could Signal the End of P2P Texting which was written in mid-February. Since that was published, I have had multiple new and follow-up conversations with texting providers and aggregators or CSPs (ie. cloud service providers) about these new rules, and how they will impact nonprofit and political organizations. 

I’ve put together some frequently asked questions I’ve received in the last few weeks to help progressive organizations understand these changes. 

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There are going to continue to be new developments on this as 10DLC is rolled out and enforced. There are also progressive groups mobilizing to push back on these restrictions that would greatly impact civic engagement outreach work that could not have been successful without the ability to reach cold audiences without an opt-in. You can sign on to the Movement Cooperative’s letter here.

If you have any questions about 10DLC or your own texting program please reach out. We are here to help organizations and campaigns think strategically about their texting outreach, remain compliant, and build strong mobile programs that emphasize engagement and impact.

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