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Back in the Suburbs . . .

I know its been quite awhile since my last post in April. The past 4 mos have been a whirlwind of finalizing things, exploring, heartfelt goodbyes and long awaited hellos. In May & June finished  my Fulbright research and presented it to the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria as well as the Bulgarian National Commission for Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings. I packed up my apartment and attempted to fit a years worth of items into 2 duffel bags and a backpack. I traveled on my own and got to visit friends in Utrecht/Amsterdam, Stockholm, London/Oxford, Madrid/Barcelona, Budapest, and Rimini/Florence.

I was told by the DCM at the U.S. Embassy in Bulgaria, that once you get the travel bug its hard to stay in one place for too long. She was definitely right, though not to the extent that I’d want the life of a Foreign Service Officer or diplomat. As soon, as I got back to the U.S. I packed up a bag and took a bus from NY to Boston to see friends and go to college friend’s wedding. I stayed there for a week and a half and then returned back to NY, back to the suburbs where I grew up, and where I haven’t lived in 8 years. I’ve been home for 4 weeks and all I can think about is traveling again, and how there are so many places I didn’t get to see.

I’m too practical and pragmatic to simply grab my backpack and attempt to travel for a year on $2,ooo or less. But, I do know that when I finally find a new job I won’t waste my vacation time on silly “stay-cations” for fear of traveling somewhere on my own. I’ll search for off  peak rates to go to Croatia or the Greek Islands. Or maybe I’ll go to Argentina or Alaska. But, for now – I’m stuck in the suburbs of Rockland County without a motor vehicle. So believe me when I say its not easy for a girl who has been completely independent for 8 years to have to depend completely on her parents for transportation, housing and food. I was told, I’d have reverse culture shock when I returned to the States, and I have. But, I think that if I had been plopped back down into my life in Boston I would have been better off. Instead, the hardest transition has been living at home, being dependent, and not knowing what tomorrow might bring. Guess I’ll have to make the most out of my new life “In Transition.”

And now, I have Ben Folds’ “Rockin’ The Suburbs” in my head. Not a bad song to have on repeat.

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