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Why Me?!

First, I wanna wish my Congrats to the future Jr. Senator from Massachusetts, Martha Coakley!!! Or shall I say Senator-Elect, because she is gonna kick Scott Brown’s bigoted behind.

Second, WTF world?! – why do you hate me so. What did I do to you. Really, just give me a damn break. Just took a shower this morning, and what happened immediately after I put shampoo in my damn hair . . . you guessed it: The water stopped. I paid off my heat & electric bills yesterday, but never even thought about water. Tenants in MA don’t pay for the cost of water and are only required to cover heat & electric. Therefore, it didn’t even cross my mind until my power finally came on late last night and I saw an email my landlord sent me that listed the 3 utility companies for heat, electric and drum roll please . . water. There was nothing I could do at midnight. So I went to bed and hoped for the best.

So this morning I woke up excited to take a shower, and instead of the nice warm shower I dreamed of I had to poor a cold bottle of mineral water over my head to get the shampoo soap out.


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