Why Me?!

First, I wanna wish my Congrats to the future Jr. Senator from Massachusetts, Martha Coakley!!! Or shall I say Senator-Elect, because she is gonna kick Scott Brown’s bigoted behind. Second, WTF world?! – why do you hate me so. What did I do to you. Really, just give me a damn break. Just took a […]


I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself with the “hoping for no problems.” When I went down to Utilities Pay Desk at five after eleven I was told that I could not pay my bill there. And in my very limited Bulgarian I was able to understand that they ONLY let people pay bills there between […]

Left in the Dark

I returned home yesterday afternoon, after what I considered to be a very productive day of errands. I had paid my rent for the next 3 mos, met with an attorney who helped file paperwork to extend my Visa and get a Lichna Carta or Bulgarian Residence Card for Foreigners, and I did some grocery […]