EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-28

Sawww an amazing U2 Concert last night in Dublin with the girls 🙂 # Went to the Guiness Brewery and got a pint while in a wheelchair. .long story. Short story is sorry Jon still not really a beer I’d order. # Just got back from the Dublin Backpacker’s Pub Crawl. Had an amazing night […]

EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-28

At “The Diner” in London’s SoHo for Brunch with Jamie & Jen. Yay free wifi 🙂 # Went to Duke of Kendel for an Awesome old fashioned English sing along. The lady playin the piano was 83 & Jason Segal from HIMYM came by! # Thought I would be waking up at 4:45am this mornin […]

EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-26

In London having a bloody good time with Jen! Went to Picadilly Circus, The National Gallery & Portrait Gallery 🙂 # Yesterday I went to the Tower of London (illegally took a pic of the crown jewels), had Indian Food on Brick Lane, and saw Billy Elliot! # We just saw Harry Potter 6 2nite. […]

EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-22

I definately cried a bit when we were at Anne Frank’s House. I knew her story before my grandparents’. I kind of want to read it again. # Went to Amsterdam’s Ice Bar 🙂 It was -10 F and I got to drink from ices glasses and sit on ice benches with ice tables. It […]