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EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-16

  • Had an amazing night watching fireworks at the Effiel Tower for France’s 120th Bastille Day Celebration! #
  • Nothing like stolen hotel sheets, several bottles of wine, the Effiel Tower & a couple thous ppl around u to make Paris even more amazing! #
  • I have some amazing video & pictures… Will post when I return :) #
  • Spent the morning at the Louvre. It’s more beautiful than I could have imagined. Were supposed to go on Bastille Day 4free, but closed Tues #
  • Took a picture at the Moulin Rouge… Really not all that exciting just a bunch of strip clubs, sex shops and a Starbucks :p I know random! #
  • If you ever go to Paris you MUST check out the Artists Quarter and the Sacre Cour Church, which is wayyyy nicer than Notre Dame. #
  • Got an amazing shwarma in Paris’ Jewish Quarter for Dinner. I would say it was just as good or a little better than some I had in Israel. #
  • So it appears that coffee & tea to-go is provided in basic small plastic cups all over Europe and for a tiny cup of tea you pay 2-3 Euros #
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