Shades of Gray

Its been a week since I’ve returned from Israel and now that my head is clear of jet-lag, allergies and fever I’ve decided to take the time to reflect. I left for my trip to Israel with a lot of assumptions about Stand With Us, the people I accepted to meet on the trip and […]

Tweets from Israel for 2009-06-11

First time I have wifi this whole trip . . This has been a truly amazing experience. I promise Ill blog or tweet about it later # I forgot how amazing Israel truly is. . . I partied last night with 3,000 Jews from all over the world: India, Brazil, Argentina, Russia et # It’s […]

Tweets from Israel for 2009-06-04

Realistic view on the Importance of Tolerance and Inclusiveness in our culture that sets the U.S. apart # Op-Ed by YDs Sen.Chang-Diaz and Sen.Eldridge on the importance of implementing a Progressive Income Tax in MA # Kinda Hilarious, but I still *heart* HL RT @TheOnion Area Woman Worried She’s Forgetting What Heath Ledger […]

The All-Nighter

So here I am the night before I leave still trying to unpack in order to actually pack for my trip to Israel. I fly out tomorrow morning – so I’ve decided to just not go to bed so I can sleep on the 14 hour or so flight. I figured if I’m pulling an […]