As my Bulgarian friends would say, “Yesterday was Super!” Yes, I just used the word “super,” a term not used in the American vernacular in recent years other than for the purpose of explaining size (ie. Super Size Me). In Bulgaria it is often used among young & old alike to say, “that’s great!” “perfect!” […]

I Smile Too Much

It has been brought to my attention on several occasions by Bulgarians that I smile a lot. It’s something I am definitely going to have to work on because instinctively I smile to put myself and others at ease. Now this might not be a surprise to many of you since even in the U.S. […]

Transporting my musings . . .

So we’ve had our first rainy days here in Sofia. Honestly, I think before this it may have rained once since I got here over a month ago. So I’ve been dawdling around my apartment and I realized that I’ve done a poor job thus far of really explaining how life is like here in […]

Starbucks and Judaism

Never thought I’d step foot in a Starbucks while in Sofia, but here I am. It’s my only way to communicate with the outside world, since I still don’t have internet in my apartment yet. Luckily for me Starbucks offers free wifi to patrons — even though I did have to pay 2.10 Leva for […]

Bulgaria 101

It’s hard to believe I arrived here in Bulgaria 5 days ago (and am still fighting off jet lag). I arrived on the same day as a group of 25 Michigan University MBA students who are also participating in the Fulbright International Summer Institute in Trayvna, Bulgaria. Their professor is teaching a course on Negotiation, […]