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“Home Sweet Home . .”

So after packing up my apartment and loading up my car I took the 3.5 hour drive (usually 4 hrs, but I have a heavy foot ;p) down to NY to move my stuff back into my childhood home. I arrived just in time to do dinner with the folks. Afterwords, I  unloaded my car and came face to face with what was once my bedroom. My parents had been doing renovations and lifted up all of the carpets and on top of that they decided to move some of my furniture into other rooms in the house. The entire floor of my room was covered with boxes & boxes of my old things from books, stuffed animals & photos to my old Brownie Troop uniform.

It became very obvious that I would not be unpacking my things that night. My closet was also filled with boxes and there was definitely no room for shoes or clothes. I told myself to breath  . . and as I did I let out a huge sneeze because of the amount of dust that coated the boxes throughout my room. So not only did I not have space or furniture to put my belongings when I unpacked, but I didn’t even have space to put my old stuff that now sat in the boxes which covered my floor. I am a huge organizational freak – so this was one of those moments when I wanted to scream (and I did). I had spent a day driving and now I couldn’t even unpack my current things until I unpacked my old stuff.

This has been a 2 day/3 night ordeal – along with all the other stuff I’m trying to get in order. I had visits to not one, but 3 different banks, two of which I currently have accounts with and HSBC where I opened a new account since they have locations all over the world (except Bulgaria of course). During these visits I had a fun time explaining why the name on my License “Alexandra” did not match the name on my account “Sandi.”

I also called Sallie Mae to try and get my loans deferred for a year – fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I should be planning and packing for Israel when all I can think about is my July EuroTrip & Bulgaria. It definitely didn’t help that a received a big Fed-Ex package today from the Bulgarian Fulbright Commission, which included a ton of books (Bulgarian-English Dictionary, Phrasebook, Travel Guide & Map, Fulbright Guidebook, and important documents for my VISA). I almost immediately started looking through everything like a kid in front of a pile of presents.

Distractions aside, all and all I really can’t figure out where all the time went. All I know is that 2 days is not enough time to get everything I needed to do done. Though I was able to hit up my favorite bagel place & pizza place – shout outs to David’s Bagels & Avanti! I’m definitely gonna miss my NY comfort food when I’m living abroad.

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