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What to Pack & What Not to Pack – That is My Question!

So I’ve been home for about 5 days – leaving me only 4 days left to pack for an entire year and figure out little things like my Visa (which has yet to be approved – technical difficulties) and where I’m going to live.  No biggie right? Let me at least keep telling myself that . . . ok?

Meanwhile, I have no idea how many bags I should be bringing or which bags to bring, let alone what to put in them. Packing for an entire year abroad is no easy task. I know that shipping is definitely not an option because it would probably cost several hundred dollars – supposedly they charge 25% of the value of the contents in Bulgaria. Therefore I am taking only what I can wheel and/or carry. I have my rolling duffel which has seen me through many trips and moves and my Gregory travel pac, which I took across Europe with me. I may get a 2nd duffel and try to use my Pac as a carry on. Do you think I could get away with that? The manual I received from Fulbright suggests that you pack at least 2-3 wks worth of clothes and all medications in your carry-on luggage.

So far I’ve been given the following advice on what TO BRING and NOT to bring:

  • Gladware/Tupperware or some equivalent – supposedly you can’t get it over there.
  • Ziplock bags
  • Chewable Tums/Anti-acids & – also unavailable
  • DON’T need to stock up on contact solution, despite what Fulbright guide says
  • DON’T bring too many clothes b/c I can buy stuff there – jackets, boots, etc.
  • 3-4 Adapters and a Power strip for electronics
  • Stock up on underwear & socks
  • A few books to read
  • Measuring cups/spoons if you like to cook
  • DON’T bring a straightener/hair dryer, because you can buy one there with the proper voltage.
  • Duct tape – it is quite useful (just ask my former car)
  • Little Tissue packs – good for doubling use as toilet paper. Def noted during my EuroTrip
  • Imodium/Anti-Diarrhea Medication and Sudafed or similar equiv
  • 8 additional passport photos and copies of all my important documents

Can you think of anything else I might need? I’m just completely unsure as to how much to pack clothing and toiletry wise. I mean how much of the clothes that I pack should be casual vs. professional. How much for Summer/Fall/Winter weather. I already know I’ll need to buy a Fall & Winter jacket there along with boots, because they’d take up way to much space in my suitcase. Some people mentioned bringing foods I might miss and won’t be able to get in Bulgaria, but I don’t know which I should bring or if I even have any room to fit food.

Please HELP! I need any advice you can give . . .

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