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As my Bulgarian friends would say, “Yesterday was Super!” Yes, I just used the word “super,” a term not used in the American vernacular in recent years other than for the purpose of explaining size (ie. Super Size Me). In Bulgaria it is often used among young & old alike to say, “that’s great!” “perfect!” or “cool.” In the U.S. I don’t recall in my lifetime using the word “super” for that purpose unless you count the stickers my teacher would give me on my elementary school homework when I did a good job. If any of my American friends can remember or recount the decade in which “Super” was used as “Awesome” or “Cool” is utilized today I would love to know.

That being said, whenever I hear one of my Bulgarian friends or colleagues respond with “Super” in their accented English I cannot help but smirk. Its just so entertaining! So when one of my colleague responded “Super” in our meeting I just had to bring up my fascination with the term. I explained that I couldn’t help but wonder when and how Bulgarians started using the English term, since it had not been used in the U.S. in awhile. And this simply turned into a chuckle-fest because they found it so funny how fascinated and entertained I was when any of them said it.

So this was the start of my “Super” Day, which ended in me agreeing to help a Animus colleague improve her English, while letting her help me learn Bulgarian regularly. Then I went with another colleague/friend on an adventure to the post office to figure out where the package my parents sent me at the beginning of  September had ended up, because it wasn’t in my mailbox. We arrived only to find out that according to the Central Post Office my street doesn’t even exist?!

I would have been crushed if not for the fact that this resulted in me finding the ONLY Bagel place in Bulgaria. Its called “O’Nice,” and is owned by a very friendly Irish guy named Chris. SUPER!



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