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EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-07

  • Today was a shopping day in Milan :p I window shopped a lot b/c I can’t even afford 1/2 price Gucci or Versace, but Chinatown was good here #
  • The Swiss Army knife I bought in Switzerland has come in handy on several occasions, since it’s cork screw has opened many bottles of wine #
  • Bought a cell today and have a pre-paid SIM card and new LG Tribe! Its great, but do u know how hard it is to buy a phone & not spk Italian #
  • I am amazed by how many new ways I’ve learned how to flush a toilet and work a sink in only 7 days. I wonder what France has to teach me? #
  • Today was my last full day in Italy and tomorrow I take the train to Jaun Les Pins, France. I’ll update you all soon. #
  • Ohh and before I forget: Amazing Happy Hours in Milan. We paid 6Euro for a great drink and got a full Buffet included! & this was good food! #
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