Is social media, just a fad?

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Sometimes when you are entrenched or involved in something you can think its bigger than it is, but this is not the case with social media as whole. Social media has changed the dynamic of how our society interacts, receives and transfers information. This YouTube video does an extremely good job of using statistics to […]

A Politician’s Role in the Twitterverse: Megaphone vs. Telephone

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Obviously, today’s politicians see the Twitterverse as an asset, but there is still a disconnect in how it should be used. More than 70 members of Congress, including almost twenty sitting U.S. Senators, tweet. Candidates for public office, whether gunning for a position on the school board, state representative, or U.S. Senator use Twitter in a variety of ways – some more effective than others.

A Politician’s Role in the Twitterverse: Follower to Friend Ratio

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It all began with a tweet from a college friend: “Should Politicians follow all of their own followers? What do you think? Should mutual following be a priority for politicians on #twitter?” To which I responded simply – “No” and in my limited 140 characters explained that it isn’t beneficial for any person, let alone […]