5 Text Messaging Mistakes to Avoid

Over the last five years, I’ve noticed certain text messaging mistakes that are consistently made by organizations. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been running their mobile programs for several years or just launched one. Many of these groups aren’t instructed on or are simply not following basic best practices, while other mistakes exist from simply […]

Mobile-ize Your Political Campaign

Campaigns are continually looking for new ways to engage supporters and reach voters. In 2015, mobile data tracking firm Infomate’s International Smartphone Mobility Report found that the average American spends 26 minutes a day texting as opposed to six minutes a day on voice calls. The voter or volunteer you are trying to reach might […]

Mobile Fundraising

Mobile Fundraising Everyone seems to be talking about text messaging these days! With 95% of Americans owning a mobile phone, more of us are “meeting people where they are” by using mobile (SMS) as a vital component of an organization or campaign’s communications, fundraising, advocacy and field strategies. This year especially, we are seeing campaigns […]

Time to Mobile-ize!

I had the opportunity last week at Netroots Nation in Atlanta to get together with a bunch of amazing colleagues from Hustle, Mobile Commons, Color of Change, Working America, United We Dream and Everytown for Gun Safety to talk about my FAVORITE topic: Mobile Advocacy. The panel was called “Time to Mobile-ize! Mobile Tools for Digital and On-the-Ground Action.” The goal of the panel was to explain how mobile (SMS) outreach is truly accessible to organizations and campaigns, why it should be used, and how it could be integrated into their overall campaign strategies.