RENT was Knockin’ on my Door

So your probably wondering given then most recent posts I’ve made (no electric, no water, sickness, etc) if I’m having any fun. The answer to that question is yes, despite the many mishaps that have befallen me over the last 2 months I have found many fun things to do in Sofia since I’ve arrived. […]

Green Apple Vodka & Honey

This is the first time I have celebrated Rosh Hashanah outside of the United States and since I only knew of one Synagogue in Sofia it only made sense for me to attend High Holy Day services there. The Sofia Synagogue is 100 years old, having been built in September of 1909 and it is […]

Phantom English

So you know how sometimes you’ll have phantom phone rings or vibrations. Or in more serious cases phantom pains – for victims who have lost limbs tragically. Well lately I’ve been hearing English randomly on crowded trams & buses. Like the other day – I could have sworn I heard a teenage girl say “OMG […]

A Little Latin Flavor in Bulgaria

My weekend began with an invitation to attend a monthly staff Happy Hour at the U.S. Embassy on Friday evening. A former Fulbrighter has been working at the Embassy all summer and introduced me to some of the political staff. It was a great opportunity to network professionally, but more so it was just nice […]