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Sofia Dance Week 2009

When I was speaking with some of my co-workers at Animus they brought up that there was a famous Russian Dance Troupe called “Todes” performing modern dance at “Endoca,” also known as the Palace of Culture. They are not on the Sofia Dance Week schedule but appear to have a very interesting style and I wish I had been able to go see them dance. Here is a clip of one of Todes’ dances.

Our conversation soon turned into us talking about modern dance and ultimately the final performance in the movie “Center Stage.” In Bulgaria they called it something else, but we were definitely talking about the same movie. The final number is modern ballet, which I find much more appealing than classic ballet (Swan Lake & the Nutcracker) because it takes modern music and current social settings & themes to tell a story. When I got home from Animus I couldn’t stop thinking about it and found it on youtube.

So in honor of Sofia Dance Week 2009 – Enjoy!

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