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NGO Random

Today I stopped in at the NGO I’ll be working with over the course of the next 9 months. I don’t know why but I assumed that it would be like most small non-profits that I’m familiar with in the U.S. – 5-10 staff members squeezed into a 2-3 room space. Instead it was a fairly large office space with 2 or more floors and 30 employees.

I was introduced to the international interns and some of the staff and then brought downstairs to a desk. I’m not sure if they had expected me to start right away or not, but I was originally told to start in October. Plus I still have basic things to take care of. For instance, I still don’t have cable/internet & bedding that actually fits my bed.

So after talking with the staff member who has the desk next to mine for awhile. I then got up and explained to Svetlin, my contact at the organization that I needed to go.

Interesting first experience — one of many yet to come I’m sure.

P.S. Today at the ONDA Cafe (wifi) the girl who works here immediately asked if I was from the States, because and I quote “I have the same green wallet from Target as you.” As it turns out her mother is in the U.S. and her Dad lives here so she splits her time.

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