Hello Chalga Virgins

Many of my friends back in the States have not yet been exposed to Bulgarian Chalga music, a fusion of Bulgarian folk music, pop beats, and horrible lyrics. For a lot of my friends here in Sofia, both expat foreigners and Bulgarians, Chalga is either a guilty pleasure as a BBC journalist mentions in her […]

RENT was Knockin’ on my Door

So your probably wondering given then most recent posts I’ve made (no electric, no water, sickness, etc) if I’m having any fun. The answer to that question is yes, despite the many mishaps that have befallen me over the last 2 months I have found many fun things to do in Sofia since I’ve arrived. […]

Green Apple Vodka & Honey

This is the first time I have celebrated Rosh Hashanah outside of the United States and since I only knew of one Synagogue in Sofia it only made sense for me to attend High Holy Day services there. The Sofia Synagogue is 100 years old, having been built in September of 1909 and it is […]

Starbucks and Judaism

Never thought I’d step foot in a Starbucks while in Sofia, but here I am. It’s my only way to communicate with the outside world, since I still don’t have internet in my apartment yet. Luckily for me Starbucks offers free wifi to patrons — even though I did have to pay 2.10 Leva for […]

Rain, Rain go away . . .

On Saturday, I had a nice day at a beautiful monastery near Botevgrad with my Bulgarian language class. The monastery had its own livestock as well as apple, pear & plum trees, which a few of us (including myself) helped ourselves to. We also took a hike on an extremely steep dirt path up the […]