Transporting my musings . . .

So we’ve had our first rainy days here in Sofia. Honestly, I think before this it may have rained once since I got here over a month ago. So I’ve been dawdling around my apartment and I realized that I’ve done a poor job thus far of really explaining how life is like here in […]

Bulgaria 101

It’s hard to believe I arrived here in Bulgaria 5 days ago (and am still fighting off jet lag). I arrived on the same day as a group of 25 Michigan University MBA students who are also participating in the Fulbright International Summer Institute in Trayvna, Bulgaria. Their professor is teaching a course on Negotiation, […]

It just keeps getting better

Looks like I may have more time to pack and spend time with friends & family. It appears that some technical glitch at the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry is preventing me from getting my VISA in time for my flight on Saturday. Since I had been warned by my friends’ own VISA horror stories, I submitted […]