Shock, Sadness & Frustration

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Shock, Sadness and Frustration  . . . those are the only words I can think of to describe this horrible tragedy. Below is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) herself speaking out against hate filled rhetoric used by politicians, which can incite violence. Things need to change, they need to change now. I am terrified by the […]

A Politician’s Role in the Twitterverse: Megaphone vs. Telephone

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Obviously, today’s politicians see the Twitterverse as an asset, but there is still a disconnect in how it should be used. More than 70 members of Congress, including almost twenty sitting U.S. Senators, tweet. Candidates for public office, whether gunning for a position on the school board, state representative, or U.S. Senator use Twitter in a variety of ways – some more effective than others.

A Politician’s Role in the Twitterverse: Follower to Friend Ratio

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It all began with a tweet from a college friend: “Should Politicians follow all of their own followers? What do you think? Should mutual following be a priority for politicians on #twitter?” To which I responded simply – “No” and in my limited 140 characters explained that it isn’t beneficial for any person, let alone […]

Roadmap to Marriage Equality: Beware DOMA!

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There is no greater roadblock to marriage equality than the Defense of Marriage Act. Passed in 1996, before any state recognized the right to marriage equality, DOMA does not recognize same-sex marriage on the National level, while allowing states to determine their ownacceptance of same-sex marriages performed in states that recognize this right. Ann Belser […]