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Case Study

Mobile Subscriber Growth Strategy


The Alliance for Justice Action Campaign (AFJ Action Campaign), a nonprofit organization, sought to engage their supporters through a text messaging campaign and expand their supporter base. They partnered with Smart As A Fox to develop and execute a comprehensive text messaging program from scratch. The primary objective was to leverage organic and paid acquisition tactics to acquire 5,000 signatures and mobile subscriber opt-ins. The campaign revolved around the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court, and the goal was to mobilize supporters and gain traction around this newsworthy event.

The Project

Smart As A Fox designed and implemented a mobile messaging program for AFJ Action Campaign. The program included a growth strategy that focused on acquiring signatures and opt-ins through various channels. The key components of the program were paid ads, petitions, peer-to-peer texting, and organic marketing via emails to their existing subscriber list. By utilizing these channels, the aim was to generate support, drive engagement, and amplify the impact of AFJ Action Campaign’s initiatives.

Project Duration

The strategy was developed in 4 weeks and project implementation was completed within a span of three weeks. Allowing ample time for strategy development, implementation, and optimization. This timeline ensured a targeted approach to achieving the desired objectives efficiently and effectively.

The Problem

AFJ Action Campaign faced the challenge of effectively engaging their supporters and finding new ones. They needed a solution that would allow them to leverage the power of text messaging to mobilize their audience, increase awareness about their cause, and drive active participation. The core problem was the lack of an efficient and scalable system to engage supporters through text messages and acquire new supporters to expand their base.

  • Supporters lack a direct and instant mode of communication to engage with AFJ Action Campaign’s initiatives effectively.
  • The existing acquisition channels fail to attract new supporters and encourage their active participation.

The Goal

The goal of this case study was to create and implement a comprehensive text messaging program that could acquire 5,000 signatures and mobile subscriber opt-ins. The program aimed to maximize the impact of AFJ Action Campaign’s initiatives, facilitate effective communication with supporters, and enhance their overall engagement and participation.

  • Awareness and Opt-in: Supporters come across AFJ Action Campaign’s text messaging program through various channels and choose to opt-in for updates.
  • Receiving Updates: Supporters receive personalized and timely text messages about AFJ Action Campaign’s initiatives, events, and opportunities to take action.
  • Engagement and Action: Supporters actively engage with the text messages by participating in campaigns, signing petitions, and amplifying AFJ Action Campaign’s messages through peer-to-peer texting.
  • Impact and Retention: Supporters witness the impact of their actions and feel motivated to stay connected and continue their support for AFJ Action Campaign.


The marketing strategy for the text messaging program encompassed the following components:

  • Opt-in Landing Page: A visually appealing, informative and compliant page that encouraged supporters to opt-in for text message updates.
  • Text Message Campaigns: Well-crafted and personalized text messages that delivered updates, calls to action, and opportunities for engagement.
  • Campaign Landing Pages: Mobile-optimized landing pages with clear messaging and persuasive content to drive supporters to take action.

The Impact and Lessons Learned

The text messaging program successfully acquired 6,277 mobile opt-ins and garnered 6,823 petition signatures. Peer-to-peer texting resulted in a 37.39% Click-Through Rate (after response), 59.23% Conversion Rate on Signatures/Opt-Ins. The combined acquisition strategy, including paid ads, petitions, and peer-to-peer texting, proved effective in engaging supporters and expanding AFJ Action Campaign’s reach. 

Key lessons learned from this project include:

  • Peer-to-peer texting resulted in high retention rates, emphasizing the value of personal connections in fostering long-term engagement.
  • Rapid response opportunities can significantly enhance mobile opt-in acquisition and drive meaningful actions.
  • The power of a comprehensive and targeted text messaging program in mobilizing supporters and amplifying the impact of advocacy campaigns.

This project ended under budget with high results and cost savings. 

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