EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-02

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I walked 14.5 Miles Today. We went further up into the Swiss Alps and then went to see some amazing waterfalls. Hopefully I wont hurt 2morro # Going to Venice tomorrow 🙂 # Our 5 hour hike turned into a full day of walking through the mountains.  we went to the town of murren and […]

EuroTrip Tweets for 2009-07-01

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Going to see the Mets with my Dad at the new City Field today 🙂 # RT@ RenaissanceAsh Time: What the world didn’t see in Iran. #Neda (via @SusanneUre) # My Latest Blog Post on Israel – “Shades of Gray” via @smartasafox # Dodd flips stance on Gay Marriage- Well Said Senator! […]

Tweets from Israel for 2009-06-04

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Realistic view on the Importance of Tolerance and Inclusiveness in our culture that sets the U.S. apart # Op-Ed by YDs Sen.Chang-Diaz and Sen.Eldridge on the importance of implementing a Progressive Income Tax in MA # Kinda Hilarious, but I still *heart* HL RT @TheOnion Area Woman Worried She’s Forgetting What Heath Ledger […]