Referral Partnership Program

Who Can Participate

The Smart As A Fox Mobile Referral Program is open to consulting firms and other organizations that manage or serve progressive nonprofits and campaigns, including regional or national organizations that have chapter affiliates as members.

  • Nonprofit and Political Consultants
  • Nonprofit and Political Service Providers
  • Umbrella Organizations (such as the DNC, PCCC, DCCC, DGA)
  • Consulting Firms
  • For-Profit Entities

How it Works

Each referral partner selects a unique code (max 8 characters) to use for referrals. We will also provide you with a Smart As A Fox Mobile image to place on your website.

With each new Smart As A Fox Mobile customer you refer referral partners can choose one of the following:

  1.  Take a $200 referral fee for yourself. A check will be made payable you individually or your corporate entity within the first 90 days of the new customer contract going into effect.
  2.  Split it 50/50 with your referral. Meaning $100 to you, and $100 discount to your referral.
  3. Give 100% to your referral fee as a discount ($200) + an additional $50 discount will be applied, giving your referral $250 off the initial set-up fee.

Organizations outside the US, please see restrictions in The Fine Print below.

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The Fine Print

For more details, please see our Smart As A Fox Mobile Referral Program Terms & Conditions.

Organizations outside of the U.S. cannot receive payments from the Smart As A Fox Mobile Referral Program. You can still participate and provide the referral credit to your referrals. You should thus select 100% of the credit to go to your referrals.

If a prospect provides your referral code when filling out the initial “Getting Started” form we will include it in their customer record that they were referred by you.