RENT was Knockin’ on my Door

So your probably wondering given then most recent posts I’ve made (no electric, no water, sickness, etc) if I’m having any fun. The answer to that question is yes, despite the many mishaps that have befallen me over the last 2 months I have found many fun things to do in Sofia since I’ve arrived. […]

Missin’ Me Some Holiday Songs

One thing I’ve noticed the last few weeks is the lack of seasonal holiday music being played 24/7 or even at all here in Bulgaria. In the U.S. we begin to be bombarded with Christmas candy, lights, decorations and music well before Thanksgiving. I don’t think I’ve heard one American Christmas classic in a coffee […]

Why Me?!

First, I wanna wish my Congrats to the future Jr. Senator from Massachusetts, Martha Coakley!!! Or shall I say Senator-Elect, because she is gonna kick Scott Brown’s bigoted behind. Second, WTF world?! – why do you hate me so. What did I do to you. Really, just give me a damn break. Just took a […]


I’m pretty sure I jinxed myself with the “hoping for no problems.” When I went down to Utilities Pay Desk at five after eleven I was told that I could not pay my bill there. And in my very limited Bulgarian I was able to understand that they ONLY let people pay bills there between […]

Left in the Dark

I returned home yesterday afternoon, after what I considered to be a very productive day of errands. I had paid my rent for the next 3 mos, met with an attorney who helped file paperwork to extend my Visa and get a Lichna Carta or Bulgarian Residence Card for Foreigners, and I did some grocery […]