Why I Love Bulgaria – Bulgarian Cuisine

So it appears that my time here is almost up. I have two months remaining here in Bulgaria and I don’t think I’ve done a good job at telling my friends and family who read this blog about the things I love here in Bulgaria. So I thought I’d start with my number one love […]

Hello Chalga Virgins

Many of my friends back in the States have not yet been exposed to Bulgarian Chalga music, a fusion of Bulgarian folk music, pop beats, and horrible lyrics. For a lot of my friends here in Sofia, both expat foreigners and Bulgarians, Chalga is either a guilty pleasure as a BBC journalist mentions in her […]

Who Needs Valentines Day?

What are you doing February 14th? I originally thought I’d be playing my usually single girl routine of moping and watching chick flicks while eating lots of Valentine’s Day chocolate. But, then I remembered I’m in Bulgaria – where the greeting card & chocolate industry have not yet taken hold and commercialized St. Valentine. What’s […]

Kukeri Festival in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria this time each year a festival referred to a Kukeri is held to ward off evil spirits during the winter season. Its very much like Carnivale which is celebrated in many other countries around the world, but with a Balkan twist.  Adults and children who participate in the traditions of the festival will […]