Tweets from Israel for 2009-06-11

First time I have wifi this whole trip . . This has been a truly amazing experience. I promise Ill blog or tweet about it later # I forgot how amazing Israel truly is. . . I partied last night with 3,000 Jews from all over the world: India, Brazil, Argentina, Russia et # It’s […]

Tweets from Israel for 2009-06-04

Realistic view on the Importance of Tolerance and Inclusiveness in our culture that sets the U.S. apart # Op-Ed by YDs Sen.Chang-Diaz and Sen.Eldridge on the importance of implementing a Progressive Income Tax in MA # Kinda Hilarious, but I still *heart* HL RT @TheOnion Area Woman Worried She’s Forgetting What Heath Ledger […]

The All-Nighter

So here I am the night before I leave still trying to unpack in order to actually pack for my trip to Israel. I fly out tomorrow morning – so I’ve decided to just not go to bed so I can sleep on the 14 hour or so flight. I figured if I’m pulling an […]

“Home Sweet Home . .”

So after packing up my apartment and loading up my car I took the 3.5 hour drive (usually 4 hrs, but I have a heavy foot ;p) down to NY to move my stuff back into my childhood home. I arrived just in time to do dinner with the folks. Afterwords, I  unloaded my car […]

Going, Going . . . Gone!

I am leaving Boston in one week (I know, crazy right!) and am feeling a mixture of emotions. I’m obviously excited about the new life and experiences that await me, but I’m also extremely nervous, unsure what to expect and have so much to do and not enough time to get everything done before I […]

Before My Adventures Begin . . .

I will begin my travels on June 4th 2009 and plan on blogging about my experiences abroad as well as post pictures from the many places I visit along the way. I hope you will check back regularly once my adventures begin 🙂 Here is my itinerary for the Summer (June-August 2009): Israel Switzerland Italy […]